Go is unique among Mind Games

Go is based on a strategic thinking.It was invented in China about 4000 years ago, and it was introduced in Japan around the year 800, and in the West in the late XIX century.In Asia, the Go enjoy a very high popularity, but in Europe and America, the interest for this game is growing. Strategical and tactical possibilities in Go are endless, bringing joy and challenge for players of any level. The personalitie of each player appear very clearly on the Go board.The game reflects the ability of combatants to maintain a balance between attack and defense,flexibility of responses in in different situations. Go is a territorial game. The board is marked with 19 horizontal and 19 vertical lines. A player has a set of black pieces, called stones, the other white stones. The game starts with an empty board, and players move in turn by placing a stone on the intersections of the lines. After the stones were placed on the board, can't be moved. However, they can be surrounded and captured, in this case, the stones can be moved from the table and kept as prisoners. As intellectual activity, Go is extremly challenging, although the rules are very simple, there are no computer program which can win against a human player. Intuition, creativity, the ability to make quick decisions are some of the qualities that by practicing Go, players can achieve.

Shusaku Go Club